Thursday, August 2, 2007


I saw Truitt again last night. (photo added to his post) He finished working the outer me after spending so much time on the inner me last time. Now I feel grounded and centered. Who knew that I would pay someone to dig their elbows into my back??

I THINK the street work in front of the house is finished. They fixed the sprinklers and sanded some of the dog’s name out of the sidewalk. All that remains is to repave the whole street and repour the curbs.

The garage electric is fixed and the cement repoured in the back yard, BUT they still need to come back and fix the broken sprinkler pipe they hit. The brick border wall needs to be relaid.

Jesse and I used spray paint to paint out the graffiti at work. It was easy. So far, no more activity.

I added another photo of Byron and Mike’s storefront.

I’ve lost 8 - 10 pounds depending on when I step on the scale - mostly from being aware of what I eat and fewer snacks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. This tying up of loose ends is what makes us "Stephenville folk" happy.

TJ said...

....that's "Stephenville People" with a capital 'P'!