Sunday, July 29, 2007

Truitt Headshrinker

I had heard SO MANY favorable comments about my chiropractor’s massage guy that comes to town once a month from Austin that I booked a massage with him this past Friday. The work that he did on me was just astounding. He blew my mind and shrank my head! Truitt believes that our bodies reflect and hold onto emotional traumas that we go through. He is incredibly sensitive and intuitive about picking up on a person’s energies. I think he figured me out quickly. He talked to me and quizzed me until I told him all about my loss of Mom and BooBoo and Steve. His gentleness and compassion were amazing and he verbalized things that had been buried deep in my thoughts. He spent so much time on me beyond my appointment that we had to stop for his next client – so I feel sort of half-baked. He will return next week, and I hope to snag another appointment (He is always in high demand from his core group of clientele) so that he can finish the job. It’s unusual and pleasing to find someone so naturally gifted and talented at his job.
Truitt puts everything of himself into his sessions…. He must be exhausted after doing that all day.

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