Monday, July 30, 2007

the CORRECT way

“Dear Abby” (the real one, not the replacement daughter) once said that the column that sparked the most debate was the one about hanging the toilet paper roll with the paper over or under the roll. The arguments went on and on and on back and forth until she said that she would never again write about the subject.
Well, I never got to express my opinion. OF COURSE you hang the paper OVER the roll! Then the end sheet is right there for you to see – easily grabbed. Otherwise, you twirl the roll round and round and round hunting for the end sheet as it sticks to the roll. Or you put your fingers under the roll to feel around for it and a spider hiding under there bites you and your hand turns black and blue and green and purple til your whole arm falls off. Do you really want to take a chance for that to happen??? What’s the deal? Is it too vulgar to see the end sheet there in plain sight? You could do the pointy four-star-hotel fold to make it pretty if you’re offended. But you MUST train the members of your household to tear the sheet off evenly and NOT a jagged mess. Now, THAT’S vulgar!
What say you?


Anonymous said...

Mom taught us well. It's the only way that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct! It does not make sense the other way. Having a touch of OCD, it drives me INSANE when it's under the roll and I usually will take the time to fix it if at all possible. You are also right that it is vulgar to leave it torn unevenly, not at the perforation. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! It is nice to know I have people on my side. The boys in my life are clueless.