Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twist and Crack

When I went to see Eric, my chiropractor this week, I found that he had made a new promotional brochure - and included a quote from me in it. Awhile back, he asked if I would write a "testimonial" for him. I wrote four or five of different styles and lengths and said that he could put my name on any of them - for they're all true. So, I'm glad that he decided to include me.

My back is getting better -- but somewhere along the way I realized that Eric helped me BEYOND the back/body issues. After Mom and BooBoo both left me at the first of the year, going to his office was a nice distraction with something new to think about and new people to see. I'd listen to people laugh and giggle in the reception area while I'd be on the traction/massage machine in the other room, and I'd feel better that the whole world wasn't so gloomy. Eric truly listens to all you say and gives hugs when you leave the office. The whole staff is positive, personable, and relaxed. So, Eric's goal of "Core Health" is certainly realized. He is a champion of your entire well-being.

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