Monday, July 9, 2007

Just gettin' old

I’m being forced to make a lifestyle change…. I saw my doctor for my yearly physical (which had grown to a year-and-a-half) and he told me that I am pre-diabetic with elevated sugars and elevated blood pressure. He commanded that I lose the ten pounds that I put on since I saw him last and see him again in 6 months for another evaluation. Our diet has been kinda bad since we have been lazy -doing a lot of “emotional” BAD eating. My self-discipline has been AWFUL about EVERYTHING in these last months, but at least in this area, I have to FORCE myself to do better. In trying to eat less, I’m hungry so much of the time! So, I’m in the beginning stages of re-training my body what to expect. What a bore! I just want to eat!

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