Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Construction Fun

Yesterday when I was home babysitting the electricians, I noticed that the city was preparing the sidewalk area in front of the house to pour the cement to replace where they tore it out when they put in the new pipes in the street. The first time that they ripped out the curb and walk, they pulled up the sprinkler system lines. I had to get my plumber to cap off a broken pipe so that I could turn on the sprinklers without the water gushing. Then when they took out more concrete to make the area to fill in, they tore up the sprinkler pipes again.

When I turned on the sprinkler to show them what they had done, they were unaware. So, the neighbors got their sidewalks put in yesterday - mine is still a hole. I had the broken lines marked, but since they ripped them out twice, now I have no idea how the pipes run to the heads at the street. No telling how they will put it back together if I am at work when they show up to do the repair. I need to just stay at home to control all this stuff going on!

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