Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mix It Up

Yesterday while I was home from work babysitting the electricians to do their last two jobs (outlet in the half bath and outlet in the back yard), I went across the street to an estate sale to see what the house looked like inside before they tear it down to build yet another McMansion. In looking at the stuff for sale, there was a brand new wet/dry shop vacuum cleaner and a mixer that caught my eye. I had been wanting a new shop vac for work so it was a good deal. The mixer was a 6 year old Kitchen Aid mixer barely used - for $50. I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer but would never spend the $199 buy one because I knew logically that I'd never use it. But for some strange irrational reason I still wanted one. So I spent the $50 to take care of that odd desire and put it to rest. Now I gotta make a cake or something!

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