Sunday, August 12, 2007

Artsy Day

We went to the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth to see the Ron Mueck exhibit. Although you marvel at his technical ability to get the figure so lifelike, you also have a great emotional reaction at the intimate nature of the figures presented as well as being disturbed by the unnatural sizes - either very large or too small. Here is a link to a slide show of many of the works in this show. It seems like you have to enter "Ron Mueck" in the search box on the right to get all the images.
We also saw the exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum of the development of portraiture in the last century, "The Age of Picasso." It's always fun to see the originals of great paintings that we only see in books or posters.... just like the Matisse poster in our den. I guess my favorites were the large David Hockney canvasses at the end of the exhibit. There was no photography allowed in either exhibit, so I couldn't take photos for you.

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jv said...

The Ron Mueck exhibit looks amazing. Would love to see it.