Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Natural Beauty

I love this picture of Jane Fonda. She posted it on her own blog about a month ago when she wrote about her vacation to Ecuador and the Galapgos Islands with family. I think it shows the natural beauty of a 71 year old woman, and illustrates that she has such confidence to post this photo since she has always been in the business where appearance, youth and beauty are everything.

I have enjoyed reading her blog daily. She started it earlier in the year when she went back to Broadway after a 40 year absence to document her daily experiences and the process of doing a show on Broadway. Since her show has closed, her blog may not be as active with showbiz tidbits, but she always gives an inside look to whatever she is doing.

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TJ said...

Damn that Jane Fonda! No sooner do I post about her blog, she virtually stops writing on it.