Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stalking Doris

The other day, my friend Tom called me from a small cafe in Carmel, California where he was staying for the month of August to tell me that he was sitting by Doris Day! She has lived there for many years and is very reclusive. She refuses all sorts of appearances and special career awards and just wants to be left alone. Tom's Dallas friends said that he was very lucky saying that they've been going to Carmel for twenty years and never had a Doris sighting. She looked good for her 80+ years, but was dressed oddly in MANY layers - a turtleneck sweater, a vest, a scarf, a jacket, big sunglasses and a knitted hat. I'm sure if he could have taken a picture that this is what she would have done:

"Help! I'm being stalked by a crazed fan!"

Out of all the old-time stars, she would be the one that I would like to meet the most. There are few of her era left. Maybe we should detour a little to the south from our San Francisco trip and go stalk Doris. More blog when we return!

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