Friday, September 28, 2007


(click photo to enlarge - and marvel at my beauty!)
I've been waiting to get to the vet before another cat blog entry, and that FINALLY happened today. We have a little girl as I thought at the beginning - and her name is Charlotte. She is now eight weeks old and has ringworm. So, she'll be seeing Dr. Bratton every week to get a sulphur shampoo and pills every other week for about a month or so. Otherwise she is healthy.

Charlotte still hides some, but gets less shy every day. She found a spot to hide in that took us a week to discover. We looked in every conceivable place that a cat could get and could never find her. She would stay hidden all day until late evening. The sleeper sofa in the front bedroom has a 2 inch space from the floor and I would even open it an look inside - and still no Charlotte. After a few days, I finally got desperate enough to open the sleeper sofa again, climb inside to lie on the floor and look up to discover that the back is hollow and has a little ledge that she was sitting on - after she squeezed under the 2 inch space! So, I discourage her hiding so she will be out with us when we are home - and it has sped up her comfort level. She loves the bed and likes to cuddle there and is calmest there. She likes to sleep ON me and sometimes in the middle of the night will run up and down ON TOP of me when she has a night frenzy - and attacks the covers. That is getting better since I push her away or shut her out of the bedroom if it gets too bad. It will just take a little time for everyone to adjust.

Dr. Bratton helped us through BooBoo's illness all the way to the end, so he knows us well. He told Charlotte, "You hit the jackpot when you got adopted into this household!"

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family, you precious little girl! You are indeed a lucky kitty. I can't wait to meet you.