Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday on Monday

Yesterday Thomas and I went to Ft. Worth to do stuff. We went to a store that he was told about, The Old Home Supply House which was FULL of old house hardware and fixtures. Any little knob pull, hinge, or decorative nail that was ever pulled out of an old house is there. Want an aqua bathroom sink from the 40's? They have it. And their prices are so reasonable! Visit their website for a few pix. Across the street was a warehouse/store packed with old windows, doors, pieces of tin, just anything.

Later, we went to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall and looked at all the stuff. I mostly felt glad that I could leave it all in there and that I have escaped the collecting mania for the most part!

P.S. on "Cincubotti". Today someone quizzed me on Lewis Carroll and I thought I should have put a link on his name for reference.

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