Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Diet Comments

Although I messed up and deleted the original comments, I thought it was interesting that the first two were about diet. Everyone has either done that or needs to do that! I have to pass along one recommendation in a comment - that the book "The Abs Diet" by David Zinczenko was easy to follow and works.
It got good comments from people who purchased it on amazon.com, so I ordered a cheap used copy. They said you can eat most anything sensible on this diet. That's what I want to do: just eat sensibly - not starve myself.

Last night I went to NorthPark to check it out for walking if the weather is bad. I discovered that if I walk all of it, including going around the perimeter of each big store in all four corners that it takes 45 minutes. I walked at a good New York City pace and was still passed by the little old lady power mall walkers! As I do it I'm sure I'll get faster, but you gotta be able to see all the sale signs so you can go back and get bargains after you're done!

Other than that, I can go to White Rock Lake near home, or The Katy Trail a block from work all the way past downtown. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/trails/katy.html

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Anonymous said...

You'll love watching the wildlife at White Rock Lake and seeing the seasons change the environment. I enjoy studying the sky as reflected by the water: sometimes slate gray, other times blazing with color. The birds are beautiful and vocal--they like to nest in the transformers of the tall electrical towers. And I once saw a bobcat peering at me on the trail from the underbrush! Walking is a fun way to get the exercise in. It's best to walk till you work up a sweat--30 minutes of so. Wear good shoes like New Balance.