Monday, July 9, 2007

Busy Weekend

We were busy, busy bees this weekend.

Bill's cousin, Laura was in town from California and they wanted to get together to get reacquainted. Laura just lost her mother and she and Bill got in contact again after the funeral services. Since Laura was coming over this morning, we had to clean the house - which was overdue anyway - especially for a NEW guest. And yesterday we went over to Bette's house to fix her walkway in the backyard. Since it has been raining SO MUCH, water had been standing over the sunken cement walk and Bette couldn't get back to the trash cans. So we added some cement pave stones to raise the level above any standing water that might happen. Maybe the rain will let up enough that it won't happen again.

I loved meeting Laura. She is a minister at the United Church of Christ in Danville, CA. She made a life change and became ordained in her forties. What a beautiful. loving person! She's so smart and a lot of fun - casual and laid back. I hope we get to see more of her when she comes into town to see her family and help her dad after their loss.

So, with my day off dwindling, I gotta get more chores done. Be back soon.

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