Friday, July 13, 2007

Bad Luck? or Just Life?

Friday the 13th rarely affects me. I don't approach the day with dread thinking something bad will happen. But it did today! My virus software found a virus on the computer at the shop embedded in the bookeeping software, but said that it could not quarantine it and get rid of it. Online help said that I had to delete it myself, but in doing so, I could lose other information in the file as well. So, I had to call my computer guru guy to tackle it. When I picked up the phone to call, I discovered that line 1 was dead! So, now AT&T has to come out on Monday to check it out. At least we have line 2 still working for calls and the credit card machine.

So, the computer guy comes out and gets rid of the virus with no problem - no danger to any other info in the computer. Afterward, I had to wait and hour or so to let the virus software to scan the whole hard drive to check to see if the virus had multiplied anywhere else. After it did that, and it was all clear, it was too late to do the errand that I had planned: I was gonna go cat shopping at the animal shelter. I've been trying to get back there for two weeks! Something always comes up to stop me. Maybe Sunday will be empty enough to do that.

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